Welcome to Niko’s Travel Blog

Today is the first day of August, in 2017.

And today, as previously mentioned on my main blog, MetsPlus, I’ve had this ambition for a long time.

I know that print journalism is diminishing, but I enjoy writing about things that I’m ambitious about, so I’m going to write this blog as regularly as I can to share my experiences with traveling around the country.

The official launch date for this blog is during the offseason of the MLB Season, so sometime in October-November. And while this blog is called “Niko’s Travel Blog”, I want this to be a blog about anything that comes up in my life that has to do with travel.

So yes, this is just a boring introiuctinary post with no content, but it’s a start.

My goal is that the blog will look completely different come the offseason, but until then, one can look forward to some re-posts of travel related articles on MetsPlus, and some interesting features.



Author: Niko Goutakolis

I’ve been writing about the Orange & Blue since 2013 on MetsPlus.com, and I can be found talking about Baseball, Transit and Aviation on Twitter and Instagram @NikoMetsPlus.

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